Thursday, September 27, 2018

National Guard Team Finds No Source of Illness at Eiland Middle School in Louisville

47th National Guard Unit at Eiland Middle School 
WinstonWebNews has been on site at Eiland Middle School most of the day. Investigations began
after several students fell ill on Tuesday and Wednesday and the District called in law enforcement and state and local agencies in attempts to discern the cause of the illnesses.  The following is a press report from the Louisville Municipal School District released this evening:

Press Release - LMSD 09/27/2018
After an exhaustive inspection by multiple agencies including today’s inspection by the Mississippi 47th National Guard Civil Support Unit, no evidence of any contaminants/harmful substances/chemicals could be found as a source of these illnesses at our Eiland Middle School campus.

The Guard Unit team briefed school and emergency management personnel this evening on their results - “Nothing in this school is causing these illnesses. After exhaustive research, we found nothing in the school causing this that is linked to the buildings.”

Agencies involved in the investigation and inspection include: MS. Poison Control, MS. Department of Health, MEMA, MS. 47th National Guard Civil Support, Louisville Police Department, Louisville Fire Department, Winston County Sheriff’s Office and Winston County Emergency Management. Atmos Energy also inspected the facility for gas leaks, carbon monoxide and methane and found no problems.

As a precautionary measure and in consideration of students, parents and staff, the Louisville Municipal School District has made the decision to close the Eiland Middle School and Alternative School campuses on Friday. The School is expected to open for classes on Monday.

The National Guard Unit spent several hours on Thursday testing all classrooms, restrooms and storage facilities at Eiland with equipment that can identify thousands of individual chemicals and substances.

Investigation into the causes of the student illnesses will continue. The Mississippi Department of Health is expected to be onsite on Friday to confer with school officials.

All other campuses will be open on Friday.