Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Incredibles to Use Superpowers for Library Card Sign-up Month!

The Incredibles are joining the American Library Association and the Winston County Library to encourage the public to obtain a free library card as Honorary Chairs of Library Card Sign-up Month this September. The Incredibles will use their superpowers to remind families, students and people of all ages that signing up for a library card is a great step toward a truly super lifestyle.

A library card is the most important school supply of all!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Library Card Sign-up Month, a national observance that was launched in 1987 to ensure every child obtain a library card and use it. Since then, thousands of public and school libraries join each fall in a national effort to ensure every child does just that.

A new library card at the Winston County Library is free. If you are an adult, just bring your photo, school or military ID, or passport. If a parent brings a child to get a new card, just bring the child’s social security card.

As a special treat this year, children getting their first library card can help us Build a Bookworm at the Winston County Library! Get a library card, write your name on a colored circle and watch it grow!

Aubrey and Mollie McAdory, pictured here, recently got their cards and added their circles to the Bookworm! They are first graders at Winston Academy and are the daughters of Mitch and Jennifer McAdory.

The Winston County Library is a member of the Mid-Mississippi Regional Library System with 13 libraries located in Attala, Winston, Leake, Holmes and Montgomery Counties. This library card can be used at over 55 public libraries, college and university libraries through the Mississippi Library Partnership in Central and North Mississippi.