Wednesday, October 10, 2018

City of Louisville Fire Department Fire Protection Classification Drop

It is with great pleasure that the City of Louisville Fire Department can come to you with this announcement. Following our recent review from the Mississippi State Rating Bureau that took place in the first week of September we have successfully lowered our fire protection classification rating from a SEVEN to a SIX. What this means for the residents, and commercial properties within the City of Louisville is the possibility of lower property insurance cost. This has been a very long process where the City of Louisville Elected Officials, City of Louisville Fire Department, Louisville/Winston County 911, and Louisville Utilities have all worked together to improve our fire protection within the City Limits. Depending on your insurance provider you may be eligible for a lower insurance rate. Therefore I encourage you to contact your providers and inquire about the change in rating. A lower fire rating can also be taken into consideration for economic development purposes. At times when an industry is looking for a place to locate the fire rating is one of the criteria that is evaluated before making a decision. Hopefully this drop, and future drops in our fire protection class will open the door for even lower insurance cost, and increased commercial growth.

As always the City of Louisville Fire Department is working to improve our capabilities, and improve our ability to serve the citizens, industries, and visitors to our great city. We have accomplished so much in the years past, and we have much work to do. That being said we thank you for your support, and ask for your continued support in the future as we grow.

Submitted by: Deputy Chief, Robert Hutto