Thursday, October 11, 2018

Homeward Bound - Kristina & Stooge

Twenty five hundred miles is not a long way if you are determined. Kristina is determined as she travels through Winston County on her way from Clayton, Georgia to the beaches of California. Her journey began two weeks ago as she and her pony, Bolt, (aka Stooge) began the long walk. Catching an occasional ride with kind folks with extra space in their horse trailers, Kristina hopes to make the trip within a few weeks but is prepared for 4 months on the road.

We met up with Kristina and Bolt just on the edge of Louisville today for a few pictures and questions. Asked why she was undertaking such a hard journey by foot, the young lady replied, "I'm going home. I'm from California and I got Bolt in Georgia. He's my first pony and I had no way to get him back to California, so we decided to walk."

Winston County wishes her and Bolt a safe journey. Please be careful out there.