Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Winston 100 Wellness on Wheels, Lives Up To Name

The Winston 100 Wellness on Wheels health promotion program proved to do just that this summer. This new and exciting bicycling program was initiated by the Winston County Extension office to promote a healthier lifestyle by incorporating a regular exercise regimen through the low impact sport of biking.

The program’s format was structured to be friendly to the participants, by riding once weekly with the group for 10 miles, and finding the time on their own schedule to ride an additional 10 miles throughout the week, for five weeks. Research has found if you start a new lifestyle change, for at least four to five weeks, you will likely stick with it. Making changes for a heathier lifestyle can be difficult, especially if you try it alone. One great aspect of Winston 100, is that it’s a group venture with support not only from the Extension staff, but from the group peers as well.

Obviously, if the lifestyle change is something you come to dread, or start finding excuses to not do, you likely will quit pretty soon after beginning. The main key to regular exercise is finding something that you look forward to doing, and enjoy every minute of it. This was the case for our group.

Winston 100 attendance each week was nearly every member, and each week glowing testimonials to self-initiated 10 mile rides, and generally how much fun it was to dust the bikes off and get back on the trails. Not only did everyone have fun during the program, but proven by our pre weigh in, and post weigh in, each participant lost weight, and 100 % of the group’s blood pressure numbers showed a drop to a heathier range.

To my surprise, each member actually made significant gains to their overall wellness. This is a testament that Winston 100 participants actually did find better, “Wellness on Wheels”.

If you’d like to know more about this program, and next year’s Winston 100 schedule, call the Winston County Extension office for full details.

Submitted by:  Jim McAdory, MSU Extension Agent, Winston County