Monday, December 10, 2018

Winston County Forestry Association Closes out 2018 on Festive Note

(l to r)Michael Burt, Stevie Herrington, Dave Godwin, Harry Tabor, Brady Dabbs, Berlin Edwards, Joe Morgan, Alan Lovorn, Billy Lipsey, Jim McAdory
The Winston County Forestry Association (WCFA) hosted their last meeting on December 4th. The keynote speaker of the evening was Dr. John Kushla, MSU Extension Forestry Specialist, who educated the group on Christmas tree production in Mississippi, and the Southeast. 

The program was not just about how to grow the proper variety for Christmas Tree production, but it also incorporated many of the Christmas traditions that find their origin within the forestry sphere. To mention just a few, how and where the burning of the Yule log originated, how Christmas Wreaths began, Mistletoe meaning, to why we actually decorate the Christmas tree.

Not only did the night’s program bring to light many questions surrounding future profitability options for Winston County Landowners, but also the past traditions of the season at hand. It was a very educational experience for all attendees, as well an overall enjoyable evening for the WCFA members.

The night’s program, also ended on a note of growth for the Association with several new members joining. The WCFA purpose for being is to educate Winston landowners that want to better manage their property, as well as network with other landowners that may experience similar situations, problems, or solutions to problems. Not only does being a member of Associations like WCFA bring the latest researched based information to the forest manager, make available Extension Specialist, industry leaders in land management, but a close bond and network with friends and neighbors many times is the best reason for being a member of WCFA.

We were especially glad Mr. Brady Dabbs, Forester for Mississippi Forest Commission was in attendance to give updates on programs, and services for Winston Landowners. Also, we could not have an association without current paying members, and new members joining.

On behalf of the MSU Extension Office in Winston County, a sincere thank you to the WCFA for hosting this meeting, and congratulations on a successful ending to 2018. We look forward to the continued growth of not only the WCFA, but greater forestry production for Winston County. If you’d like to join WCFA, or want more information, just give the Winston County Extension office a call, 662-773-3091. Merry CHRISTmas!

Submitted by: Jim McAdory, MSU Extension Agent