Thursday, February 21, 2019

Black History Month at Winston County Library

“The Black Migration” is this year’s theme for Black History Month and explores the migration of blacks from the South to the North and Midwest from the 1950s to the 1970s. This year’s exhibit is in memory of Williams James Eichelberger and Betsy Ann Hughes-Eichelberger. The exhibit curator (Mr. and Mrs. Eichelberger’s daughter) is Elmetra Eichelber-Patterson, along with her husband and co-curator, Edde Littleton. Assistant curators include Mattie Davis, Lorenda Eichelberger and Friends of Dean Park helper Dr. Richard L. Moncreif. The exhibit is sponsored by Friends of Dean Park. A Black History Month reception was held at the Winston County Library Saturday, February 16th, honoring Mr. Frank Taylor. “We are so proud to host this wonderful exhibit,” said librarian Beth Edwards. “Elmetra Patterson works tirelessly each year on this exhibit and has an incredible collection of Black History artifacts.”