Saturday, February 23, 2019

Winston Cattleman Association Honor Dr. Spiva Gene Richardson

left to right...Jim McAdory, Jerry Smith, Wilson Webb, Bo Hobby, Dr. Spiva Richardson, Robin Fulton, Brenda Goodin

The Winston Cattleman Association (WCA) hosted their second meeting of 2019 last Thursday night at the Winston County Extension office. As usual there was great fellowship between the members and guest. Key note speaker of the night was Dr. Josh Maples, Extension Agriculture Economist, he spoke on how important keeping farm records is to the financial success of a cattle operation.

The Winston Cattleman Association is pleased to announce attendance and membership is among the highest level in Association history. This is due to the growth of the cattle industry statewide, and within our home county.

Statewide the cattle industry has more than 930,000 head, over 15,940 farms, with approximately $305 million in state revenue. Winston County is home to approximately 15,000 head, and the industry is expected to grow. Statewide revenue in the cattle industry is $20 million higher than 2017 USDA reports.

In addition, the Winston Cattleman Association Board of Directors was pleased to present Spiva Gene Richardson, DMV with a plaque expressing their appreciation for the service he’s provided the Cattleman of Winston County over his 55 year career. Mr. Wilson Webb WCA President, presented Dr. Richardson with the plaque.

On behalf of the MSU Extension Service, I’d like to say congratulations to Dr. Richardson on a fabulous career. I’d also like to thank the Winston Cattleman Association Board, and members for supporting the educational mission for Winston County’s Cattle producers.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the Winston County CO-OP for sponsoring the night’s meal. We could not provide high quality educational programs without sponsorship of these events. A sincere thank you to CO-OP owner Mr. Bill McGee, family and staff.

If you’d like to join the Winston Cattleman’s Association, and learn from MSU Extension Specialist, USDA staff, WCA members and industry professionals, contact your local MSU Extension office at 662-773-3091 for more information.

Submitted By: Jim McAdory, MSU Extension Agent Winston County