Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Winston Whitetail Wonders Deer Show Exceeds Expectations

Hosting a deer show and educational program after deer season is admittedly an unusual time to promote deer herd and land management. But if you think about it, not really. Yes, most people really get fired up about deer hunting in the fall, and without fail you’ll routinely see trucks hauling tractors, disk, seed, fertilizer, and ATVs headed to various hunting properties. 

But, land management for wildlife, especially deer herds is more than planting food-plots and putting up shooting houses or ladder stands and feeders. If you are a serious hunter, and want to harvest quality animals, and have your family enjoy the sport as well, then the perfect time think about next deer season, is right after the last one is over.

Aspects of land management such as unproductive tree canopy reduction, soil quality, prescribed burning, and game camera surveys, just to mention a few is something that can be done year round. These are some of the things discussed at last week’s deer show, as well the hottest topic of the 2018-2019 deer season, Chronic Waste Disease (CWD).

CWD will have repercussions on deer hunting in the future, but there are many myths, and misunderstandings about this disease that were addressed so the Winston County deer hunters will know the facts.

The first ever Winston Whitetail Wonders Deer Show exceeded our expectations, with strong attendance, and more than 25 deer mounts were on display. I’d like to say thank you to the attendees, and sponsors. Please let these sponsors know how much you appreciate their support, to include: City Gun and Pawn, Winston County CO-OP, Sullivan’s Meat Processing, Joey Griffin’s Deer Processing, Barbra’s Place Nursery Feed & Seed, and Firewise through Winston County Board of Supervisors. And much appreciation for Mr. Charles Henry Stokes taking the time to help, and cook a GREAT stew that everyone enjoyed.

Last but not least, I’d like to say thank you to the local National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) for their support, and for certain, Turkey hunters are land managers too. The local NWTF Banquet will be February 23rd, at Grace Christian School. Tickets will available at all our local banks and Winston Furniture Company.

If you have question on land and/or wildlife management please contact your local Winston County Extension Office, 662-773-3091.

Submitted By: Jim McAdory, MSU Extension Agent Winston County