Thursday, April 18, 2019

Weather Update - 10:00 am 4-18-19

The following is the latest information from the National Weather Service concerning our area for today. Winston County and much of Mississippi is in an enhanced threat level for severe weather later today. We are currently under a FLASH FLOOD WATCH through this evening.

A line of storms to our west should reach far western Mississippi by approximately 11:00 am. Winston County can expect severe weather later in the afternoon in a time frame from 4:00 pm til 9:00 pm. Severe Thunderstorm watches and possibly warnings should be expected.

These storms could potentially bring heavy rain, hail and high winds with possible gusts in excess of 60 mph. There is a potential for tornado activity as well with some risk just in front of the line of storms.

The Louisville Municipal School District has announced that students will be released an hour early to day in anticipation of weather issues.

We will continue to monitor and update and bring info on shelter openings if necessary.