Friday, April 26, 2019

Winston-Choctaw Correctional Facility Receives High Score for Inspection

Every 3 years the Winston-Choctaw Correctional Facility must go through an intense inspection consisting of over 500 standards needing to be met.

Not only did the facility pass its accreditation, it did so with an impressive score of 100%.

In order to continue housing state inmates, the correctional facility must maintain high scores through the Americans Corrections Associations's accreditation process. 

This process includes thorough inspections of security measures, housing standards, facility programs, and the facility's ability to provide proper medical attention when needed. 

The corrections officers and some other staff members were in charge of giving the auditors background information and tours of the facility. 

Sheriff Jason Pugh of Winston County said he is very proud of all of the employees who helped make this high-hitting score possible. Pugh said the facility is responsible for many jobs in this area and he could not be happier that these people were working and doing so well at their jobs. 

Warden Neil Higgason said it is very important to maintain these strict standards everyday so when audit day comes, everyone will already be prepared.