Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Louisville/Winston Airport to receive $4.2 Million in Grant Funds

Mike Forster of the Louisville/Winston Airport Board shared good news with the Louisville Board of Aldermen on Tuesday night. The local airport has been awarded a sizable share of the recently announced $779 million of supplemental spending provided by the the U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT). These funds are primarily earmarked for small and rural airports across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Per press release by DOT, 127 airports across the country received funds. The Louisville/Winston Airport was one of only three in the state of Mississippi to receive these federal grants.

Foster indicated that the Louisville facility will receive $4.2 million and that there will be no matching requirement for local funds. ( Often grants require local authorities to match a percent of the funds as a requirement - Louisville and Winston County will not have to contribute additional funds to receive the grant.)

Foster noted that there were specific uses required for the funds. The runway at the facility is "crowned" - affecting the line of sight from one end of the runway to the other. Runways need to meet grading standards so that objects and aircraft can be seen along the entire runway. Currently the runway does not meet those standards. The funds will be used to elevate the south end of the runway by as much as fifteen feet, add 150 feet of runway, resurface the entire runway and add LED runway lights to save utility costs. The funds will also be used to correct some ongoing drainage issues.