Friday, May 3, 2019

Monday Morning Chase Leads to Arrest

Monday, April 29, Sheriff Jason Pugh of Winston County received a call from an individual from the Ellison Ridge community about a 16 ft. trailer that had gone missing.

Later that day, Pugh received another call from the owner saying he had possibly seen his trailer located in a yard on Puckett Road.

Sheriff Pugh and Chief Deputy Keith Alexander responded to the call. While driving down Highway 14 East, Pugh and Alexander spotted a truck with a trailer matching the description of the missing driving west bound.

The truck turned down Ellison Ridge Road as Pugh and Alexander turned around to try to make the traffic stop. The vehicle fled, going off-road into a barbed-wire fence, into a field and eventually through several individual's pastures and one homeowner's front yard.

As the truck reached Eaves road, the Sheriff's Department was able to box the vehicle in and ultimately take Will Ford and John Carnes into custody.

The owner of the 16 ft. trailer was contacted and was able to meet deputies to retrieve his stolen possession.

Chief Deputy Keith Alexander said that Ford and Carnes are currently under further investigation for multiple other thefts that have taken place in Winston County.