Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Agriculture and Art Extravaganza with Winston County Self Help Youth Group

The Winston County Self Help (WCHS) Youth Group hosted an Agriculture and Art Extravaganza at Eiland Middle School, Louisville, MS, on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

This young student is impressed with the pieces for the Rail Fence Prayer Quilt Pattern. Martha Mills and Dorothy Walker did a presentation on Creative Artwork Quilting.  (photo courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)

Marie McDonald is one busy volunteer in the community and is definitely going to be a strong future leader. She is the granddaughter of Mrs. Clara McDonald.  Myra B. Bryant, Executive Director of the Mississippi Association of Cooperatives (MAC) was the presenter for Becoming Strong Future Leaders. (photo courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)

Donna Burnside, of Lamar Institute of Technology of Beaumont, TX, the motivational
Speaker, held the students attention as she dramatized her personal story of success.
(photo courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)

Sandra Jackson, of the 4H Club Program, and the other adults in the room were surprised at how much these students liked the collard greens that were served during the presentation on A Taste of Winston County. This writer tasted them and they were the best seasoned green yet. (photo courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)
Tracy Gregory, a Winston County Extension Agent, did a presentation on Rethink Your Drink which is a campaign to teach students about the amount of sugar and calories that can be found in commonly consumed beverages, as well as their impact on health. She encouraged students to rethink their choices for what they drink and challenged them to make healthy beverage choices and consume more water.  (photo courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)
Glendia Cooper, a Winston County Self Help member, did a presentation on Hand Building Clay Art.  She also exhibited African fabrics and artifacts. As you can see, the students were captivated by the art of making pottery.

The Winston County Self Help Youth Group expresses gratitude to all of the presenters for their participation in generating hope for small communities across rural America. Also, thanks to the Louisville Public School District for their continual support. For more information: Dorothy Jean Harper, WCSH Youth Group Director, Phone: 662-312-8004.Email:

Submitted by: Elmetra Patterson