Tuesday, June 4, 2019

TKO Farming

TKO Farming with Kevin and Teresa Springs

By Elmetra Patterson
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            Kevin and Teresa Springs        High Tunnel Gardening at TKO Farming

This news story is about a young couple, Kevin and Teresa Springs who moved to this area, McCool, MS, from Miami, FL after inheriting 80 acres of land. They have turned their inheritance into a farm business – TKO Farming. The farm is named after Teddy Pendergrass’ song ‘Love TKO’ (Technical Knock Out). Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce has planned a celebration and a Ribbon Cutting on Friday, June 7, 2019 by invitation only.

Kevin and Teresa are the parents of four sons and 3 daughters. Kevin is an actor, who has performed in television, stage and film. Kevin received his BS Degree in Social Work from Florida International University, Miami, FL. Teresa has AS Degree in Theology with a concentration in Biblical Studies. She also has an FDA Certification in Farm, Food Safety and is certified to teach Farm Food Safety. Teresa also has over 20 years of prison ministry experience.

They became interested in farming after their land was surveyed. Kevin stated, “We concluded, following the trek, a deeper connection to the land was experienced. It occurred to us that we could help the living by honoring our ancestors while returning to an agrarian lifestyle. We want to fulfill our ancestral obligation that was given us. We want to make it (the land) beneficial not just to us but to make sure to leave a solid foundation for those that are following behind us. We hope they will feel it their obligation to do the same.”

TKO Farming has beef and poultry production, assorted seasonal vegetables, herbs and cut flowers. A unique aspect of TKO Farming is the youth/community mentor-ship offering they make available to the local community as well as hosting, retreats, tours, conferences, and space to experience rural lifestyle. TKO Farming partnered with Friends of Dean Park, Inc. (FODP) the summer of 2018 at the Farmer’s Market. Kevin feels that it was the beginning of something great for the community. TKO Farming will be there again this year starting the end of June at location Friends of Dean Park, Inc. 10647 Hwy 15 South, Louisville, MS. It is next door to Dean Park on the south end. The starting date has not been set but the hours will be 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

TKO Farming is open by appointment only. They can be reached at 662-446-2171.

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        Mustards in row gardening            String beans, purple hull peas, cucumbers and squash
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Kevin sits at the Farmers’ Market at Friends of Dean Park, Inc. waiting on customer summer of 2018.

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TKO Farming summer produce 2018
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TKO Farming mentor-ship/educational session with Youth from Faith Beyond Walls Christian Center with
Dr. Richard Moncrief as they prepared Thanksgiving baskets for the elders.
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TKO Farming hosted a Spring Breakout/Educational Exchange with students from

Williams College, Williamstown, MA on March 24-29, 2019