Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Back to School Packing for Open House Event - Aug.1

Pictures of Winston County NAACP and Louisville High School Football Team packing free school supplies for Back to School/Stay in School Event for Open House on August 1, 2019.

Submitted by: Charles Hampton

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Library Blood Drive Very Successful

A very successful blood drive was held last Friday at the Winston County Library, courtesy of Vitalant, formerly United Blood Services. The goal was to obtain 14 units of blood and their goal was fully met. The participants all gave blood in the library meeting room.

Fun Day a Success Story at Dean Park

C:\Users\Elmetra\Downloads\Fun Day Mattie.jpgC:\Users\Elmetra\Downloads\Fun Day food Lorene Christine.jpg
The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) and the National Caucus and Center on Black Aging, Inc. (NCBA) came to Dean Park in Louisville for a day of Fun and Recruitment on Friday, July 26, 2019.

Mr. Chester Johnson, Program Manager of NCBA spoke elegantly about both SCSEP and NCBA and gave the qualifications for seniors to enter the program as 1) must be 55 years old 2) must meet the income guideline 3) must be unemployed.

Mayor Will Hill of Louisville and Supervisor Ralph Goss welcomed the guest. The city of Louisville and Friends of Dean Park, Inc. had former trainees present who have benefited from the program. Eddie Littleton, 81 years old, was the oldest senior present who was trained by SCSEP and permanently hired by the City of Louisville, after completing the training. There were over 60 people present including NCBA staff, senior trainees, potential trainees and host agencies, from Winston and surrounding counties. Businesses/organizations and non –profits present: CVS, Walmart, City of Louisville, Police and Fire Department, Winston County Medical Center, Economic Development, Hope Mission of Mississippi, C-Med Day Care and East Central Community College.

Prizes for games were donated by Jerry’s Flower Shop, Hope Mission of Mississippi and K & W Appliances. Walmart donated all of the food and drinks and Supervisor Marion Jordan and assistant Rev. Roy Eichelberger grilled the chicken to perfection.

This writer Elmetra Patterson, who is the president of Friends of Dean Park, expressed gratitude to all who were present, “We hope that you are inspired by what we have done and continue to do at Dean Park and in the Center Ridge Community. We love this community and our vision is to do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave this community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it. Our goal is to maintain unity in the community and to make it beautiful for all to enjoy. We appreciate that the Dean Park Commissioners, Carolyn Hampton, John ‘Bone’ Edwards and Annie Pearl Hudson are present.”

Submitted by: Elmetra Patterson

2019 Jesus’ Day Announced by Rev. Lorene Guyse

c:\users\elmetra\downloads\Lorene Guyse Breast Cancer Co Med 2.jpg
Rev. Lorene Guyse, pastor of Holy Ghost Temple
(photo courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)

Rev. Lorene Guyse, pastor of the Holy Ghost Temple announces the Annual Jesus’ Day which will be held, Sunday, August 4, 2019, 3 p.m. Jesus Day was founded in this area by Rev. Charlie Davis, Friendship MB Church of Ackerman, MS. When he spoke of Jesus’ Day last year, he said, “Every day is Jesus Day but today is a special Jesus Day. We have a special day for everything else, now we have a special day for Jesus.” Jesus Day is celebrated the 1st Sunday of August yearly at Holy Ghost Temple, a non-denominational church.

Jesus’ Day has legs, wings, wheels, an engine and it traveled to Mississippi from the state of Texas. While governor of Texas, Former President George W. Bush signed a bill into law proclaiming June 10, 2000 as Jesus Day. It was celebrated in Austin, TX the first year. It was patterned after the March for Jesus held annually by some Christians on the Saturday before Pentecost Sunday. The march was to express love for Jesus by serving the community and worshiping the Lord in the streets. President Bush’s proclamation urged people to follow the example of Jesus and answer the call to serve those in need. At Holy Ghost Temple, the call is to feed the attendees. Please come and have dinner with us.

Holy Ghost Temple, 175 Hill Street, Louisville, MS 39339, Sunday Morning Worship – 9:00 a.m., 662.831-0283

Submitted by: Elmetra Patterson

Monday, July 29, 2019

Winston County Correctional Facility Easily Passes Federal Audit

The Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility (WCCRCF) completed a Federal audit on Monday with a 100% rating according to the facility's Warden, Neal Higgason.  The audit, a requirement of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) is conducted every three years at all facilities housing state prisoners. 

Warden Neal Higgason
PREA audits are conducted to reduce acts of sexual violence and facilities must comply with 43 standards. Higgason indicated that WCCRCF passed the two day audit with 100% compliance and no deficiencies. The federal audit staff indicated that WCCRCF was "one of the best facilities" that they had audited, according to Higgason.

"I want to give credit to our staff here for the quality of their work and congratulate Sheriff  Jason Pugh on another successful audit", said Higgason.

WCCRCF is a regional correctional facility with a maximum capacity of 380 inmates. Housing state and county inmates, the facility was opened in March of 1999.

Online Winston County 2018 Delinquent Tax Sale

Darlene Bane, Winston County Tax Assessor/Collector is pleased announce that Winston County’s Tax Sale for delinquent 2018 taxes will be conducted exclusively online. The auction will begin on August 26th, 2019 at 8:30 am CST and will continue each subsequent day until all parcels have been offered for sale. The sale will be a live bid auction hosted at

There are many new features that this service will bring to the participants of the auction and the tax office will provide a user orientation for those concerned about using the new system. A live training session will be hosted in the Winston County Courthouse Courtroom on Tuesday, August 13th at 5:30 pm. In addition, daily webinar training sessions will be hosted on the auction website (

Online registration began on July 29th. After registration bidders must still arrange payment and verify registration with the county. This must be done prior to any bidding. A list of delinquent parcels will be posted on Winston Web News prior to the sale.

Payments shall be mailed to the following address:

Winston County Tax Collector
P. O. Box 765
Louisville, MS 39339-0765

Bane and her staff will be available to answer any questions concerning the auction. Please visit her office at 16540 West Main Street or call 662-773-3694 for more information. The public is reminded to use the Main Street entrance of the courthouse due to structural damage to the rear of the building.

DAR Hills District Workshop

The Mississippi State Society Daughters of the American Revolution Hills District Workshop was held at the Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center in Columbus, MS on Saturday, July 27, 2019. In attendance from the local Nanih Waiya Chapter of the DAR were: Theresa Bridges, Paula Fulton , Gwynn Hall, Susan Clark and Pam Kirk.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Louisville Lions Donate to Country Club

The Louisville Lions Club expressed their thanks to the Louisville Country Club, it’s Board and members for their partnership in their annual Lions Club Golf Tournament. The tournament is a major fundraiser for the organization which provides funds for local projects and the purchase of eyeglasses and hearing aids for those in need in the community.

To show their appreciation, The Louisville Lions made a donation to the club to help with course maintenance.

The Louisville Lions and the Louisville Country Club have had a long and successful relationship over many years.

Pictured: Louisville Lion Mike Dowd and Maintenance Director Jeremy Tate.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Presley Touts Increase in Utility Contracts Through Hire Mississippi Program

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley announced today that in the first year of implementation of the PSC’s Hire Mississippi Rule, in-state utility construction contract to Mississippi-based companies has risen by 12.6 percent, representing millions spent with Mississippi-based businesses.

Construction contracts to Mississippi-based contractors have increased to 42.1 percent in the past year, up from 30 percent when the Public Service Commission measured operations and maintenance spending in 2017.

For example, Atmos Energy reported a 95 percent rate of Mississippi projects performed by Mississippi companies, followed by Spire Energy at 50 percent, CenterPoint Energy at 47 percent, Mississippi Power at 36 percent, and Entergy at 25 percent.

Additionally, contracts to Mississippi-based businesses from Atmos Energy, CenterPoint Energy, and Entergy totaled more than $79.4 million for the preceding year.

The Hire Mississippi Rule, which was authored by Commissioner Presley, was passed by the Public Service Commission in 2017 and encourages the use of Mississippi contractors for construction projects by the state’s major utility companies.

Under the Hire Mississippi Rule, utilities are required to publish quarterly notices in local newspapers to advertise the opportunity to be on the Hire Mississippi List and must explain to Mississippi contractors the bidding process, qualifications, and other procedures for the awarding of contracts. Utility companies must also send notices of bidding opportunities to businesses that have registered on the Hire Mississippi List.

Under each contract where bidding is required, corporate utilities are asked whether Mississippi companies were awarded contracts for each project. In the event an out-of-state firm is selected for a project, the company must explain that decision.
“If the state government of Mississippi doesn’t fight for Mississippi businesses, no one else will,” said Commissioner Presley. “Keeping dollars spent by Mississippians on projects in our communities across our state just makes sense. My goal is to look out for Mississippi businesses and Mississippi contractors who want these contracts. These are investments in our local communities, neighbors helping neighbors. There’s no reason why qualified companies in our state should be passed over for this work.”

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Update on Courthouse Damage

Winston County Supervisors met this morning in an emergency meeting to deal with the  building damage that occurred overnight (see our previous article).  Bricks from the south wall of the courthouse collapsed and separated from the structure around 5:15 am this morning.

Supervisors met with insurance officials and staff from Pryor and Morrow and after discussion, the Board declared a state of emergency related to the courthouse building. Preliminary review indicates the failure of more brick on the rear structure of the building may be a possibility. As a result the Board agreed to close all entries to the Courthouse except the front entrance for public use. The Board also moved to close the sidewalk on the west side of the courthouse and the parking lot behind the courthouse.

By declaring the situation an emergency, the county was able to hire Pryor and Morrow to begin the process of determining the extent and nature of required repair and to immediately begin the process of hiring a contractor to remove and potential current hazard from loose brick.

Pryor and Morrow and the County's Insurance provider will be providing structural engineers to examine the building and how to proceed. Initial review indicates that the issue is the brick and brick ties to the structure and that the courthouse itself is structurally sound.

The public is asked to avoid South Court Street between Main and Park  and be aware that entrance to the Courthouse will be limited to the North main entrance for the forseeable future.

Winston County Courthouse Suffers Damage Overnight!

The Winston County Courthouse has exterior damage this morning as the brick veneer on the backside (southern) of the structure collapsed in the early morning hours. District 1 Supervisor Burr Warner was first on the scene as the bricks collapsed around 5:15 this morning sending broken bricks across the south parking lot.

It is too early to determine the cause of the collapse. Engineers from the firm Pryor and Morrow are on the scene now and the Board of Supervisors have called an emergency meeting for 9:00 am this morning. The public is urged to stay away from the scene and South Court Avenue.It is highly possible that more of the structure may yet fall. The County is actively working to place a barrier around the area. We will have more info as it becomes available.

Winston Master Gardner Tour, a Great Success!

C:\Users\Elmetra\Documents\Van Hull's Place 3.jpg
Van Hull’s Raised Bed Garden

The Winston County Master Gardner’s organized an educational tour last Saturday morning for anyone interested in horticulture. The tour was hosted by homeowner Mr. Van Hull and local business, Evergreen Nursery.

Mr. Hull hosted the group first at his home and shared his experience as a gardener raising vegetables in raised beds. He shared a wealth of information on soil health, fertilization methods, weed control, and some new vegetable varieties. He also, introduced participants to blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry varieties for home owner production. He educated the group on berry’s need for cross pollination, and timely pruning techniques required for successful production.

Not only is Mr. Hull’s gardening management practices very thorough, his garden was constructed for weed prevention in walking pathways, ease of harvest, and protection from wildlife. Lastly, Mr. Hull’s raised bed garden is without a doubt the most pleasing to the eye garden I’ve personally seen in my Extension career.

Our next tour stop was at local business, Evergreen Nursery. Ed and Linda Waldron gave a great presentation, and tour of the nursery starting with plant identification, and spacing for mature plant sizes. Mr.Ed explained tree planting techniques, how to prevent potted plants/trees from becoming root bound, climatic zones for plant survival, and how transplants are researched and brought to the commercial market.

The group had a chance to ask questions, and learn many different aspects of commercial horticulture. It was a great experience for all attendees, and we all learned much from the Waldron’s experience in the industry.

I’d like to thank our hosts last Saturday for taking time to meet with our tour group. I’d also like to thank our very knowledgeable Master Gardeners for organizing the tour, and sharing their expertise with attendees.

There will be future tours, and Master Gardner events, so if you’re interested in these events or becoming a Master Gardner, call the local Winston Extension office at 662-773-3091.

Submitted by: Jim McAdory, MSU Extension Agent Winston County

C:\Users\Elmetra\Documents\Van Hull's Place 2.jpg
Van Hull’s Raised Bed Gardens
C:\Users\Elmetra\Documents\Van Hull's Place.jpg
Van Hull’s Raised Bed Gardens
C:\Users\Elmetra\Documents\Evergreen Nursery with Ed 4.jpg
Evergreen Garden Center with Ed and Linda Waldron
C:\Users\Elmetra\Documents\Evergreen Nursery with Ed.jpg
Evergreen Garden Center with Ed Waldron

Monday, July 15, 2019

Quilt Display at Library

This beautiful quilt is on display at the Winston County Library throughout the month of July and August. Entitled “ In Bloom”, it was pieced by Master Quilter Martha Dubard and quilted by Colleen Eskridge.

Winston County Accepts Bid on Annex Building

In a board meeting this morning (July 15), Winston County Supervisors unanimously agreed to accept a bid from Burks-Mordecai Builders for the construction  of the new county annex building. Burks-Mordecai was the low bid on the project at $4,469,000.

The three story structure to be located behind (south) of the County Courthouse will serve a number of purposes, including offices for the Sheriff and Emergency Management Departments, board rooms and administrative offices. Funding for the project was established  after the 2014 tornado through FEMA. Below is a rendering similar to the proposed construction.

Friday, July 12, 2019

"Crooked Snake" The Life and Crimes of Albert Lepard

In 1968, during Albert Lepard’s fifth escape from a life sentence at
Parchman Penitentiary, he kidnapped Lovejoy Boteler, then eighteen years old, from his family’s farm in Grenada, Mississippi. Three decades later, still beset by half-buried memories of that time, Boteler began researching his kidnapper’s nefarious, sordid life to discover how and why this terrifying abduction occurred.

Crooked Snake: The Life and Crimes of Albert Lepard is the true story of Lepard, sentenced to life in Parchman for the murder of seventy-four-year-old Mary Young in 1959. During the course of his sentence, Lepard escaped from prison six times in fourteen years.

In Crooked Snake, Boteler pieces together the story of this cold-blooded murderer’s life using both historical records and personal interviews—over seventy in all—with ex-convicts who gravitated to and ran with Lepard, the family members who fed and sheltered the fugitive during his escapes, the law officers who hunted him, and the regular folks who were victimized in his terrible wake.

Throughout Crooked Snake, Boteler reveals his kidnapper’s hardscrabble childhood and tracks his whereabouts before his incarceration and during his jailbreaks. Lepard’s escapes take him to Florida, Michigan, Kansas, California, and Mexico. Crooked Snake captures a slice of history and a landscape that is
fast disappearing. These vignettes describe Mississippi’s countryside and spirit, ranging from sharecropper family gatherings in Attala County’s Seneasha Valley to the twenty-thousand-acre Parchman farm and its borderlands teeming with alligator, panther, bear, and wild boar.

LOVEJOY BOTELER spent his early years on Riverdale Farms in Grenada County. He worked for the Mississippi legislature, as a deck hand on the Mississippi River, and in a rodeo in Colorado. Boteler has also taught constructiontechnology and instrumental music in public schools. He builds custom furniture.

What people are saying about Crooked Snake

Absolutely loving your beautifully written book. Wonderful stuff…it’s a damn masterpiece!
Richard Grant, author of Dispatches From Pluto

If you enjoyed “Cool Hand Luke” and “O Brother Where Art Thou”…then you are primed to appreciate Lovejoy Boteler’s “Crooked Snake: The Life and Crimes of Albert Lepard.”
Allen Boyer, literary reviewer 

A low-down, true Mississippi crime story, populated with prison yards, dusty Delta back roads, country churches, hot-wired trucks, and bloodhounds.
Jim Dees, radio host

Congratulations again on writing such a vivid and memorable book - I was riveted, and you have a gift for evoking a scene through well-chosen details and dialogue.
Peter Tonguette: film critic, essayist and author

This gripping account of Lovejoy Boteler’s kidnapping and his years-long quest to learn more about his captors is absolutely riveting. This is a long awaited publication by this skillful writer and longtime friend.
William F. Winter, former governor of Mississippi

Louisville's Fred's Store to Close

Fred's Discount Store chain continues to downsize and liquidate. The chain recently announce 129 store closures across the southeast. Louisville's store survived the first rounds of store closures that began in February but is included on the current list of stores to liquidate.

Below is a list of the most current closings in Mississippi:

Baldwyn: 441 N Fourth St.
Bruce: 403 W. Calhoun St.
Eupora: 300 Sr-9
Fulton: 1409 Adams St.
Greenwood: 2616 Hwy 82 E.
Iuka: 615 Hwy 25 South
Louisville: 502 South Church
New Albany: 126 W. Main St.
Saltillo: 111 Willow Brook Dr.
Water Valley: 409 Duncan St.
Winona: 603 Middleton Rd

Thursday, July 11, 2019

ECCC Holds 2019 High School Equivalency Graduation

Thirty students received their High School Equivalency diplomas during ceremonies July 9 at East Central Community College in Decatur. Those receiving HSE diplomas were (front row, from left) Datola Ealy of Forest, Morgan Slack of Louisville, Harley Sellers of Bay Springs, Genesis Robinson of Union, Alex Arauz of Forest, Christina Hamilton of Philadelphia, Sheyli Lopez of Morton, Courtney Griffin of Pulaski, Ashley Edmonds of Philadelphia, and Skylor Templet of Carthage; (second row, from left) Linzy Atkinson of Carthage, Anielca Cuellar of Forest, Robin Janak of Forest, Miriam Ferguson of Carthage, Precious-Anya Floyd of Louisville, Juanita Green of Louisville, Andrea Reid of Forest, Dannie Hopkins of Carthage, Lakendra Madison of Philadelphia, and Ryan Wilkerson of Philadelphia; and (back row, from left) Latasha Mayers of Forest, Brittany Sloan of Louisville, Isaiah Townsend of Philadelphia, James Rushing-Susz of Forest, Austin Dilmore of Jackson, Clay Necaise of Carthage, Cameron Norton of Union, Brandon Alexander of Philadelphia, Jason Robinson of Philadelphia, and Brian Runnels of Morton. The keynote speaker for the ceremony held in the Vickers Fine Arts Center was Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Augustus Collins, former adjutant general of the Mississippi National Guard. For more information on ECCC’s Adult Education programs offered to those 17 and older throughout the college’s district of Leake, Neshoba, Newton, Scott, and Winston counties, contact Alfreda Thompson or 601-735-6387. 

Former Louisville Student Signs Softball Scholarship with UAPB

To read more click here

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Flowers Foods Issues Voluntary Recall of Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns

Flowers Foods, Inc. (NYSE: FLO) is voluntarily recalling hamburger and hot dog buns and other bakery products due to the potential presence of small pieces of hard plastic that may have been introduced during production. Consumption of product may cause a choking hazard.

The products being recalled were distributed to retail customers under a variety of brand names and distributed in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The company initiated the recall following the discovery of small pieces of hard plastic in production equipment.No related injuries or illnesses have been reported. Click here for a list of the products, UPC numbers, “best by” dates, and the first three digits of the lot number for the products involved in this recall.

Chief L.M. Claiborne Retirement Reception - July 12

Dear Friends & Neighbors:

Please join me in celebrating the career and service of Chief L.M. Claiborne as we will be hosting a Retirement Reception on Friday, July 12, 2019, from 2:00-4:00 p.m. at the Louisville Community Safe Room.

I have been asked by some how to participate or how best to congratulate Chief Claiborne on his retirement. Although it is not customary, we are asking for any who may be willing and able to make a contribution in his honor to assist with the reception and all additional funds would be allocated to a gift card for his choosing. No monetary gift would be too small or large and contributions may be personally delivered to City Hall or mailed to:
Louisville City Hall
P.O. Box 510
Louisville, MS 39339

I humbly ask you to join me in this cause. A registry of donors will be kept and receipts will be provided from City Hall. Thank you in advance for considering this request and I look forward to seeing you on Friday if you can make it.


Will Hill
Mayor, City of Louisville

Violent Facebook Post Key to Investigation

A video posted to Facebook may be key to an investigation by the Louisville Police Department. On July 8, LPD was called to the 200 block of North Street to investigate the beating of a 13 year old juvenile. The investigation indicated that the youth had been beaten by a group of juveniles on the front porch of a residence. There is some indication that an adult may have been involved and filmed the incident.  LPD's investigation is ongoing said Police Chief Sean Holdiness and several suspects have been identified.

A video of the incident has been posted to Facebook and has gone viral- seen as far away as Memphis and Georgia. Winston Web News will not post the video due to the fact that juveniles are involved and due to the violent nature and language involved.

Focus Manor Celebrates 4th Anniversary

Focus Manor, 302 John C. Stennis Drive/Jones Avenue, Louisville, MS (photo courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)

Focus Manor, a residential facility, celebrated its 4th Anniversary, Sunday, June 30, 2019 with Faith Tabernacle Church of Christ USA members on location. It was opened, June 2015 with Grand Opening on July 18, 2015. The purpose of the facility is to provide a safe and secure residence for individuals with a certified physically handicap condition. Individuals living in the facility are low income on a sliding fee scale for rental cost. Tenants are assisted with services from Golden Triangle, which include meals on wheels, the Department of Human Services and other community service organizations, when funds are available. Other amenities include a meeting room, laundry room and an office that is opened daily to provide residents with services. HUD is screens the applicants.

The facility is a positive addition to the Winston County Community. It is one of a kind in the county. Focus Manor, Inc. with Dr. George A. Miller as the executive director secured the $1.8 million grant as the last of its kind funded by HUD of Washington, DC. Dr. Miller saw this residential facility as a vision many years ago and it came to fruition. Focus Manor, Inc. is a non-profit agency which operates out of the Faith Tabernacle Church of Christ USA, with Dr. George Miller as pastor.

Dr. Miller stated “Churches need to do creative things to help the community. This project helps low income disabled residents in a modern facility. It was through Faith Tabernacle Church’s concern that the facility was built. It is used as a ministry in which the residents are given cleaning supplies as well as a meal on Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. Our church provides Workforce Development as well as marriage counseling.” Dr. Miller commends his wife, First Lady Equilla Miller for the role she plays in the church and the hard work she did to help get the Focus Manor project completed.

Presently, Focus Manor has eleven occupied apartments with two vacancies. Interested individuals may apply by contacting Dr. George A. Miller, Executive Director at 662-694-0721.

Submitted by: Elmetra Patterson   

C:\Users\Elmetra\Downloads\Focus Manor Photo 4.jpg
Faith Tabernacle Church celebrates 4th Anniversary of Focus Manor outside the facility
C:\Users\Elmetra\Downloads\Focus Manor 5.jpg
Faith Tabernacle Church celebrates 4th Anniversary of Focus Manor inside the building

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Motorist Says Thank You to Winston County Sheriff Deputies

Stephanie Brown-Craft was traveling through Winston County over the weekend in the early morning hours when one of the things that a traveler dreads the most - occurred.

 Brown-Craft, a resident of Jackson,  had a flat tire along a lonely stretch of highway.  Flat tires are always an inconvenience but in the wee hours of the morning and for a woman alone, it can be a frightening experience. 

Fortunately for Brown-Craft, two Winston County Sheriff's officers were quickly on the scene. Afterwards, she posted about  her experience on her Facebook page.

Brown-Craft contacted WinstonWebNews and wanted to publicly thank the officers involved. "Keep up the good work. With all the bad publicity out there about law enforcement, it's important to know that there are good police officers and that they are out to help."

The officers involved were Winston County Sheriff Deputies, Detrick Sanders and Jody Garrard.