Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Update on Courthouse Damage

Winston County Supervisors met this morning in an emergency meeting to deal with the  building damage that occurred overnight (see our previous article).  Bricks from the south wall of the courthouse collapsed and separated from the structure around 5:15 am this morning.

Supervisors met with insurance officials and staff from Pryor and Morrow and after discussion, the Board declared a state of emergency related to the courthouse building. Preliminary review indicates the failure of more brick on the rear structure of the building may be a possibility. As a result the Board agreed to close all entries to the Courthouse except the front entrance for public use. The Board also moved to close the sidewalk on the west side of the courthouse and the parking lot behind the courthouse.

By declaring the situation an emergency, the county was able to hire Pryor and Morrow to begin the process of determining the extent and nature of required repair and to immediately begin the process of hiring a contractor to remove and potential current hazard from loose brick.

Pryor and Morrow and the County's Insurance provider will be providing structural engineers to examine the building and how to proceed. Initial review indicates that the issue is the brick and brick ties to the structure and that the courthouse itself is structurally sound.

The public is asked to avoid South Court Street between Main and Park  and be aware that entrance to the Courthouse will be limited to the North main entrance for the forseeable future.