Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Winston Master Gardner Tour, a Great Success!

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Van Hull’s Raised Bed Garden

The Winston County Master Gardner’s organized an educational tour last Saturday morning for anyone interested in horticulture. The tour was hosted by homeowner Mr. Van Hull and local business, Evergreen Nursery.

Mr. Hull hosted the group first at his home and shared his experience as a gardener raising vegetables in raised beds. He shared a wealth of information on soil health, fertilization methods, weed control, and some new vegetable varieties. He also, introduced participants to blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry varieties for home owner production. He educated the group on berry’s need for cross pollination, and timely pruning techniques required for successful production.

Not only is Mr. Hull’s gardening management practices very thorough, his garden was constructed for weed prevention in walking pathways, ease of harvest, and protection from wildlife. Lastly, Mr. Hull’s raised bed garden is without a doubt the most pleasing to the eye garden I’ve personally seen in my Extension career.

Our next tour stop was at local business, Evergreen Nursery. Ed and Linda Waldron gave a great presentation, and tour of the nursery starting with plant identification, and spacing for mature plant sizes. Mr.Ed explained tree planting techniques, how to prevent potted plants/trees from becoming root bound, climatic zones for plant survival, and how transplants are researched and brought to the commercial market.

The group had a chance to ask questions, and learn many different aspects of commercial horticulture. It was a great experience for all attendees, and we all learned much from the Waldron’s experience in the industry.

I’d like to thank our hosts last Saturday for taking time to meet with our tour group. I’d also like to thank our very knowledgeable Master Gardeners for organizing the tour, and sharing their expertise with attendees.

There will be future tours, and Master Gardner events, so if you’re interested in these events or becoming a Master Gardner, call the local Winston Extension office at 662-773-3091.

Submitted by: Jim McAdory, MSU Extension Agent Winston County

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Van Hull’s Raised Bed Gardens
C:\Users\Elmetra\Documents\Van Hull's Place.jpg
Van Hull’s Raised Bed Gardens
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Evergreen Garden Center with Ed and Linda Waldron
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Evergreen Garden Center with Ed Waldron