Sunday, August 4, 2019

New Voting Method in Place for Tuesday's Primary

A new voting method is in place for Tuesday’s primaries. The touch screen machines that have been
used throughout Winston County in the past will be replaced with a system that is believed to be more secure, more efficient and faster for the public and the poll workers. A sample ballot can be printed by clicking here.

In an attempt to inform the public and possibly eliminate some confusion, WWN is providing a simple explanation of the process and the steps required of the voter on Tuesday:

  • ·        Voters must choose one primary, Democrat or Republican. They cannot vote in both.
  • ·        Present a photo ID and provide your signature. A voter’s registration card is not an acceptable form of ID. ID must have a photo such as a driver’s license. A full list of acceptable ID is included below)
  • ·        You will be provided a paper ballet and pen. Choose your candidate for each office by shading the oval beside their name.
  • ·        Once completed –you will be directed to a ballot scanner where you will feed the ballot into the machine where it is tallied and the ballot secured.
  • ·        If there is an issue with the ballot such as failing to select a candidate for a specific race, the voter will have the option to correct their ballot. Other issues such as selecting more than one candidate or a reading error, etc. will result in a spoiled ballot and the voter may have to begin the process again.
  • ·        Votes are tallied as they are scanned and absentee votes are scanned at the polling location as well which means results will be determined quickly.
  • ·        Official ballots are printed on special paper and coded for security reasons.

With the new system, results from each polling location are expected to be determined much faster
than in prior election. If you have any questions, contact the Circuit Clerk’s Office at 662-773-3581.

Any one of the following types of photo IDs may be used on Election Day:
  • ·        A driver's license
  • ·        A photo ID card issued by a branch, department, or entity of the State of Mississippi
  • ·        A United States passport
  • ·        A government employee ID card
  • ·        A firearms license
  • ·        A student photo ID issued by an accredited Mississippi university, college, or community/junior college
  • ·        A United States military ID
  • ·        A tribal photo ID
  • ·        Any other photo ID issued by any branch, department, agency or entity of the United States government or any State government
  • ·        A Mississippi Voter Identification Card
Sample Ballots are shown below: