Monday, August 26, 2019

Runoff Elections Tomorrow - Sample Ballots

Runoff elections are set for Tuesday, August 27 across the state. Candidates that did not recieve a 50% majority (plus 1) in the August 6th primary are on the ballot. In Winston County, there is only one office on the ballot and it is limited to 5 precincts. The position of East Post Constable will be voted on at Fairgrounds, Nanih Waiya, Mill Creek, East Winston and Lovorn. (There will be no Democratic ballot in all other precincts as there are no contested state races in the Democratic Party)

On the Republican side, while there are no local races on the ballot, but there are a number of contested state races including the Governor's Office. 

If you voted in the August 6th primary, you must vote in the same party runoff as you voted in the primary. For example, if you voted in the Democratic primary - you must vote in the Democratic Runoff.

If you did not vote in either primary and are a registered voter, you may vote in either runoff.  See sample ballots below: