Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Downtown Construction Projects

Progress and projects do not happen without a price. Please be advised the Winston County Courthouse construction project is expected to begin September 30, 2019. Winston County officials met with the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Louisville, and the General Contractor for the project to discuss safety, traffic, and parking for the areas impacted by this historical project.

The parties have fully agreed to establish South Court Avenue as a ONE WAY only street during the construction phase of the project and for south bound traffic only. This is an effort of safety and to allow for as much roadside parking possible.  The construction area will be fenced off and will unfortunately have adverse effects on several properties in the southeast block of the downtown central business district.

All parties involved realize the inconvenience this may create and humbly ask for patience and understanding during this project. The parties involved are as follows:

General Contractor - Burks-Mordecai Builders
Winston County Courthouse - Sheriff Jason Pugh
City of Louisville: Mayor Will Hill
Chamber of Commerce - Executive Director Amy Hillyer

For any questions or concerns, please contact Chief Deputy Keith Alexander at (662) 263-6236.