Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Fall Gardening with Winston County Master Gardeners

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L to R:  Rebecca Gravett, Letitia ‘Cookie’ Jackson, Dr. Jeff Wilson, Elmetra Patterson, 
Diana Norcutt, Johnna Williamson, Gail Smith and Beverly Combs

On September 5, 2019, the Winston County Master Gardeners had a wonderful dinner and class on Fall Gardening with Dr. Jeff Wilson, Assistant Professor at MSU-Extension in Horticulture as the State Master Gardener Coordinator, and with county agent Jim McAdory. The dinner was sponsored by Firewise which is a program sponsored by the Mississippi Forestry Commission. The information from Firewise is very pertinent to gardeners and landscapers. The suggestions to protect homes as suggested in the Firewise Handbook are as follows:

. Create a survival zone around the house by reducing or eliminating vegetation at least 30 feet on all sides of the structure.

. Remove branches that overhang the roof, providing six to eight feet of clearance.

. Choose drought-resistant plants and don’t use plants near your house that have resinous, oily, or waxy leaves.

. Select ignition-resistant building materials.

. Choose building sites away from slopes.

. Provide fire apparatus with safe and easy access to your property.

Fall gardening was the main topic of the evening. Dr. Wilson suggested that gardeners get their soil tested. Some of the suggested vegetables to plant in the fall: beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, turnips, collards, green onions, lettuce, cauliflowers, peas, spinach, green beans, radishes, kale and mustards. Many of the vegetables that are planted in the summer will grow through December in this area - especially tomatoes, squash, herbs, okra and peppers. Winter gardening starts in January. However, some of the fall plants will continue to grow, especially sage, parsley, oregano, collards, mustards and onions.

County Agent McAdory announced that there might be raised beds available in the Cultivating Patch Garden in January 2020. If anyone is interested, please contact him at 662.773-3091.