Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Fish Donated to Dean Park Lake

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The FishWagon came to Louisville last week to make available fish for farmers and parks to restock their ponds.  A generous visitor from Los Angles, James Parker, was in Dean Park to hear about it. He decided to meet the truck and donate fish to Dean Park’s pond.  He and his brother Ike Parker like to fish and James would like to fish at Dean Park upon his next visit. He purchased 75 bluegill aka brim and donated them to the park. He wanted to purchase catfish but they were not available. James is not a stranger to the area.  He was born and raised in the Center Ridge Community. He played ball in the then 4-H Negro Youth Park and participated in 4-H Club with Mr. Milton Dean. He graduated from Louisville Colored High School after attending several years at Noxapater Attendance Center. Before leaving town, James subscribed for the Winston County Journal to keep up with hometown news.

Submitted by: Elmetra Patterson

L to R:  Willie Norris Shields, NCBA trainee and James Parker