Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Joy Eichelberger-Hannah Honored at ECCC

Joy Eichelberger-Hannah, a native of Louisville, MS, was honored at East Central Community College’s (ECCC) Homecoming, October 17, 2019. She is a 1982 graduate of Louisville High School and a wildcat basketball player. Joy was honored as she was presented with the ticket for the Warriors Game 5 Football Game which was their homecoming. She excitedly invited her family and friends to attend the game and the tailgate party when she was informed about this honor. They did attend. Joy left a legacy at ECCC as a basketball player from 1983 – 1985. She was also the first African American Homecoming Queen in 1984. To honor her, she was presented with a ticket with her on the ticket for the homecoming game. The ticket is shown below with her biography on the back with a current picture.

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Ironically, Joy broke the school record of attempted free throws her freshman year at ECCC of Esther Thomas - another native of Louisville. As a freshman, Joy scored double figures in all but one game and that was when she sprained her ankle and played only the first part of the game. She holds the record for the most scores in a two year period. Her coach Lucille Wood was inducted into the ECCC Athletic Hall of Fame in 1986 and was honored by having the ECCC physical education building named for her and All-American player, Denver Backeen. Coach Wood was quoted as saying that Joy was a true athlete, and was noticed by her when Joy played as a wildcat in Louisville. Coach Lucille passed at 84 years old on May 18, 2015. She, too, was a Louisville native.

Joy graduated from ECCC and continued her education at Ole Miss while also playing basketball there. She graduated with a BS Degree in Business Administration. She presently resides in Tupelo, MS and works for the State of Mississippi as a Case Reviewer for the Division of Medicaid. She also referees basketball, volley ball, softball, baseball, and football. Joy is the daughter of the late Calvin and Grace Eichelberger. She is the sister of Katie, Ronnie (deceased), Lavorn, Oscar (deceased), Roy, Troy, and Pamela Eichelberger.

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Joy Eichelberger at various stages of her basketball career at LHS, ECCC and Ole Miss(Photos courtesy of Joy Eichelberger-Hannah)

Submitted by: Elmetra Paterson