Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Winston County Official Switches Political Party Affiliaton

Winston County Coroner Scott Gregory has announced he is switching political parties and will now be affiliated with the Republican Party. Gregory said, "The values of the Democrat Party have drifted so far to the left and are now a huge departure from what the party stood for when I first was elected to public office. As a result, I felt like I had no choice. Today's Democrat Party no longer even remotely reflects my personal values and, in my opinion, neither do they reflect the values of the vast majority of the citizens of Winston County."

Winston County Republican Party Chairman Mark Forsman said, "We welcome Coroner Gregory to our party. Ours is a large tent and we have plenty of room under it for other elected officials who, like Scott, have been pushed to the point of no return. Our party's platform pertaining to the rights of the unborn, citizens’ rights to bear arms afforded by the 2nd amendment, and even providing secure borders for our citizens are only three of the major differences between the two major political parties."

Forsman noted that numerous county officials in several of our neighboring counties who were elected under the banner of the Democrat Party in recent years have switched to the Republican Party. "As Coroner Gregory has said, a political party can only move so far away from the core values of the citizens before elected officials have to seriously consider their party affiliation,"

Forsman said. "We believe this trend will continue and we will gladly welcome those who wish to join us here in the Grand Ole Party."