Wednesday, June 3, 2020

New CD Release from Local Pastor and Daughter

Jay Murphy, Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church and 13 year old daughter Abigail recently recorded in Nashville with producer Chris Golden (son of Lee Golden / The Oak Ridge Boys). Their new CD contains 10 all original songs plus a new arrangement of a hymn. The CD was released on Friday, May 8th.

Murphy commented on the release. "My 13 year old daughter (Abigail) and I form a duet. I play acoustic guitar and Mark Anderton of Carthage, plays piano/keyboards. Abigail wrote "He's Here" (track 7) when she was 10 years old and wrote it when her grandmother (Phyllis Murphy) was dying of cancer. It is her recognition of how God is always there with you no matter what you are facing. The title track, "Choose Life" (track 2) was written due to the work of my mom (Phyllis) for many years with the Philadelphia CPC (Crisis Pregnancy Center). The song reinforces how miraculous a new born baby is and how they will steal your heart with just one touch."

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