Friday, October 30, 2020

LMSD to Begin a Hybrid Schedule for High School Students on Monday

Beginning Monday, November 2, all 9th through 12th grade students in the Louisville Municipal School District will follow a hybrid schedule until Thanksgiving. This includes students at Louisville High, Noxapater and Nanih Waiya.

LMSD Superintendent David Luke indicated that this action was taken as a preventative measure and not due to an outbreak within the District’s students and staff. Luke noted the increase in COVID-19 cases across the area and the District made the decision to follow a hybrid schedule that reduces the level of social contact between students and also staff. Out of a student population and staff of over 3000, there are only 12 reported cases. The goal is to take early measures that may prevent an increase in cases over the coming weeks.

The hybrid schedule shown below will take effect on Monday and continue til the Thanksgiving holiday. Current plans are to return to a normal schedule on November 30th. For more information , visit the District’s website at