Monday, October 19, 2020

WE CARE Temporary Shelter Announcement

WE CARE has been donated an apartment building!! 103 Kennedy!! Come see the progress we're making.

WE CARE Back Story:

Many years ago, the Lord spoke to me using the Holy Spirit. He said that He wanted me to do everything that I had been through. I laughed and said do You know how much I have been through? Of course, He did because He had been with me every step of the way.

I raised my 4 children alone with many struggles. There were activities and events that they wanted to be a part of but, a lack of money often made these things impossible. Some events they were able to partake because someone helped, and we are still grateful for their kindness.

I started my walk not knowing what to do or how to do it. This was in 1999. This was a long time ago and a slow walk to the present. I learned tidbits by working at Prairie Opportunity, Families First, Wal-Mart and Community Counseling.

My life and family trials showed me steps that I use in Winston Educational Christian Action Resource Enterprises, Inc. known as WE CARE. You never know what a person is going through unless they decide to reach out and ask for help. I would ask for help and there were times when I did not know where to go seeking that help. That is a major component of WE CARE. Having been through so many trials I can now be the hand up, not hand out, that you may need.

In 2015, WECARE became incorporated with the state of Mississippi and began writing the narrative for the IRS to become a nonprofit. I knew all the services that WE CARE would provide. Tutoring, informational workshops, various adult classes, housing for different sectors of our community, helping inmates reenter society and help in the mental health area. I am sure it is hard to believe that I have had some type of issue in all the above listed areas but, I have. Rededicating my life to Christ is the reason I have made it this far. I know now that this is my mission from God. It is for this reason I share a portion of my story and the reason for WE CARE.

Recently, WE CARE received by donation an apartment building that when refurbished will become a shelter for the community. We need your help as a community to make this happen. WE CARE has since 2018 helped with our homeless population. If you have donated to, WE CARE in the past you have helped with housing our homeless and you have helped to give our students schools supplies. You know who you are, and we still thank you!

Did you know that WE CARE is a nonprofit? You can donate to help with this project by giving in-kind or monetary donations. Checks can be made out to and mailed to

PO Box 1124
Louisville, MS 39339
Cash App $WECAREWinston

All donations to WE CARE are tax deductible. WE CARE gives documentation at the end of the year to file with your taxes. If you would like to see the future shelter or hear more about, WE CARE call 662-705-1709. You can also visit shelter and facility for after school tutoring at 256 S Jones Ave., here in Louisville.