Wednesday, February 10, 2021

January DAR Meeting

Curry Black, son of Stephen and Lori Black, is this year’s DAR Good Citizens scholarship winner. He attends Winston Academy. Curry was honored at the January meeting of DAR. The Nanih Waiya Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution sponsored the DAR Good Citizens Program locally. This program honors an outstanding young senior who best demonstrates the qualities of a good citizen.

The DAR program for the month was presented by Susan Clark. She presented the group with some of her entries, many of which placed, in the DAR Women in the Arts Recognition Awards. The purpose of the Women in the Arts Recognition Award is to recognize and honor a woman who has exhibited excellence in her chosen genre. This award is an art award; designed to recognize worthy women for outstanding achievements in the non-performance arts including fiber arts design and creation, fine arts, sculpture design and creation, music composition, literature and drama authorship, artisan design and creation including, but not limited to, jewelry, metalwork, decorative painting, and pottery.